Feb 18 2021
I♥ Pluto Festival 2021 | We Heart Pluto!

I♥ Pluto Festival 2021 | We Heart Pluto!

Presented by Lowell Observatory at Online/Virtual Space

I Heart Pluto Festival 2021, Day 6 Pt. 3 | https://iheartpluto.org
We Heart Pluto: An open discussion about the ongoing fascination with Pluto, with Alden Tombaugh, Dave Eicher, Alan Stern, and Coral Evans, and moderated by Dr. Jeff Hall.

Ninety-one years after its discovery, Pluto continues to excite the imagination of both scientists and the public. This discussion will explore our scientific, cultural, and historic connections to this beloved world and how we celebrate it.

Alden Tombaugh is Clyde’s son, Dave Eicher is Editor-in-Chief of Astronomy Magazine, Dr. Alan Stern is a planetary scientist and leads NASA’s New Horizons mission that explored the Pluto system, Coral Evans is the former Mayor of Flagstaff, and Dr. Jeff Hall is the Director of Lowell Observatory.

The 2021 virtual I Heart Pluto Festival is produced by the nonprofit Lowell Observatory (https://lowell.edu) and is free to the public. Donations to support our ongoing science education and research can be made at https://iheartpluto.org/donate.

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Phone: 9287743358

Email: info@lowell.edu

Dates & Times

2021/02/18 - 2021/02/18

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Online/Virtual Space