Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces

Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces

Website: http://www.flagstaffnuestrasraices.com


 P.O. Box 23397, Flagstaff, AZ 86002

Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces: Remembering our history and culture / Recordando a nuestra culture e hístoria.


Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces is dedicated to promoting Hispanic culture and history through events, gatherings, the performing and visual arts. To further this purpose the Flagstaff Nuestras Raices draw’s on the Arizona Hispanic family stories, history, traditions and talents as tools for cultural transmission.

Nuestras Raices translates to " Our Roots"
Many of our members families have been in the Flagstaff area for approximately 100 years. Some of us can trace back our family roots to the Nahuatl speaking tribes of Mexico, some from the Mayan tribes. We can also trace our ancestory to the Spaniards, the French, the Germans, and from other European origins. We helped build Flagstaff, we were the lumberjacks, we worked at the sawmills, we were the gandy dancers and laborers of the railroad, we worked at the Army Depot and were the first sheep herders in the area. Our families have served in the military to include every war since WWI. We lived at Los Chantes, Plaza Vieja, Plaza Nueva, Southside, Sunnyside, Calaveras and los campos of the railroads throughout Northern Arizona.
The binding element for our group is the love of our traditions left for us by our ancestory.