Feb 18 2021
Self-Hypnosis Techniques for Anxiety Relief

Self-Hypnosis Techniques for Anxiety Relief

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Self-Hypnosis Is Just Deep, Natural Relaxation

Self-hypnosis, learning deep relaxation techniques you can do at home, can change your life by giving you a way to reduce stress and anxiety, change your health, and strengthen your immune system.

In this hour-long session, you will learn:
• The truth about how self-hypnosis works
• 3 effective methods of self-hypnosis
• How to create suggestions for change that really work
• How to enhance creativity and intuition
• How to use hypnosis to manage stress

Hypnosis activates your natural healing process. It mobilizes the subconscious mind (the body’s autonomic nervous system) to do the healing. Hypnosis doesn’t do the healing, it is a technique that actives your own natural healing potential.
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There are certainly times when the stress response is necessary.

But the stress response is an auxiliary system and to turn on it needs to pull power and energy from other systems of the body like your immune system.

Case in point, in research published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, hypnosis and related visualization techniques where shown to actually prevent the weakening of the immune response that often follows periods of acute stress.

Medical and dental students who were about to take exams and under tremendous amounts of stress were taught self-hypnosis, so doing hypnotherapy on themselves after some training.
In the study the control group, subjects who had not used self-hypnosis as a relaxation technique prior to their stressful event, they showed a 24 percent decrease in T-cell count compared to a 2 percent increase in the hypnosis group – T cells = T-Lymphocyte white blood cells are important to the immune response.

The investigators found that during acute stress during exam time, the self-hypnosis students exhibited stronger immune responses compared with students who did not learn the technique.

Amazingly, the more often students practiced the relaxation strategy, the stronger their immune response became.

Take time every day to rest your body and mind. We are in very stressful times so it is very important for the health of your body, mind and nervous system to take time for rest and exercise.

If you ever have any questions about how using hypnotherapy can help you heal a past trauma or deal with anxiety in your life please give me an email or call and I’d love to talk with you about them.

The placebo effect is a well-accepted example of how the mind can positively affect the body and tap into the body's innate ability to heal itself.

You can activate the body’s natural healing ability and re-program your subconscious mind by utilizing the tools and technology of clinical hypnotherapy, one of the fastest growing fields that facilitates and promotes human change and improvement, and enhances control, over perceptions such as pain, anxiety, habits, and stress.

“I found that many complaints – smoking, overeating, test anxiety, public speaking phobia, and chronic physical pain – responded more dramatically to hypnosis than to other forms of psychotherapy I was using.”

Dr. Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D., Psychologist
Faculty at Harvard Medical School


Arizona Integrative Hypnotherapy
Craig Meriwether CHT-CMS
Clinical Hypnotherapist
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2021/02/18 - 2021/02/18

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