Nov 02 2019
Surviving Holiday Stress Workshop

Surviving Holiday Stress Workshop

Presented by Arizona Integrative Hypnotherapy at Arizona Integrative Hypnotherapy

I found that the holiday season from around Thanksgiving to New Years was especially trying and troubling for me. Maybe it was the stress of shopping (not knowing what to get people), feeling obligated to deal with family where past tensions flare, shorter days with less sun light, the cold, the snow shoveling, too much sugar and dairy, etc., etc.

Whatever the reason is that you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and anxious during the holidays, there is a way to feel better – emotionally, mentally, and physically! I’d like to help you achieve a new way of being this holiday season. You can’t change your family, the weather, or the long lines at check out but you can take charge over how you react and respond to those stress and anxiety triggers.

If you choose to join me in this small group, hands-on, experiential workshop, my commitment to you is to bring my very best material so that I can help you create long-lasting change in your life.

What You Will Learn

Discover why the body and mind reacts to create stress
Learn power tips to manage stress and overwhelm.
Practice strategies, exercises and techniques to prevent stress overload
Find the joy and happiness inside that is the true You to experience and share the true spirit of the season

SMALL GROUP SETTING:​This workshop is limited to only 10 people maximum.

Admission Info

2 Workshop Packages To Choose From

Various dates available in November and Decemeber.

Or contact me to book a private workshop for your group.

1.) 2 Hour Holiday Stress Workshop | $20

Full workshop where you’ll learn strategies, exercises and techniques to prevent stress overload during the holidays. Along with the 2 hour workshop you’ll also get two guided hypnotherapy MP3 downloads for stress reduction and increased feelings of calm, safety and happiness.

2.) DELUXE PACKAGE: 2 Hour Stress Workshop + Private Hypnotherapy Session | $60

The full 2 hour workshop, 2 MP3 downloads PLUS…

You’ll receive a private, one-on-one 90 minute hypnotherapy session to accelerate the healing work from the workshop or to work on a new issue. Schedule the day and time of your private session from my on-line appointment webpage when you’re ready and available.


Dates & Times

2019/11/02 - 2019/11/02

Location Info

Arizona Integrative Hypnotherapy

2708 N Fourth St., Suite B-1, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

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