Sep 19 2013
Flagstaff Liberty Alliance Monthly Meeting

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance Monthly Meeting

Presented by Flagstaff Liberty Alliance at Hotel Weatherford

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance meets the third Thursday of every month at:

The Weatherford

2nd Floor Mezzanine

23 N. Leroux Street, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance is a non-partisan organization dedicated to bringing liberty groups and like minded individuals together in the Flagstaff area. We focus a great deal of energy on activism, educating the public, government watch and community outreach. We are always finding new ways to get our message out.

We will work with any organization or group who will stand up for liberty. We may not agree on every issue but we must find common ground and work together whenever we can.

Our Mission Statement:

Strengthening community values of liberty and self sustainability through the promotion of Constitutional foundations in government.

Our Core Values:

Adherence To The Constitution

Individual Freedom

Personal Responsibility

Protecting Civil Liberties

National Sovereignty

A Constitutional Approach To National Defense

True Free Market Principles


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Dates & Times

2013/09/19 - 2013/09/19

Location Info

Hotel Weatherford

23 North Leroux Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86001