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Our advertisers are seeing over 11,000 impressions per week.

You reach a huge demographic of audiences when you sponsor Flagstaff365.com. Combining the local outreach of Flagstaff Arts Council (flagartscouncil.org) with the broad marketing prowess of the Flagstaff Convention & Visitors Bureau (flagstaffarizona.org), Flagstaff365.com sees a lot of traffic: both residents of and visitors to Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.

Currently, we are offering only TWO sponsorships at a time.  We will not accept any other sponsorships or advertisements.  Why?  Because Flagstaff365.com is about connecting the user to events. So, your ad will stand out rather than getting buried amongst dozen of ads. Flagstaff365.com is clean and simple to use. Also, because Flagstaff365.com is operated by a non-profit organization, your ad supports the community.


Ads are reasonably priced! To book your sponsorship, contact Jessica Lawerence by email at Jessica.Lawrence@flagstaffaz.gov or by phone at (928) 714-7956.

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